Team Management

To add to or manage your team, you need to access the My Team area in Skreenbe. This is accessible through My Account on the left-hand dashboard located where your initials or photo appear.

1. Add to your team:
Here you can see who is currently in your team or online. 

2. Invite new team members:
Create and send an invitation link to new team members. If you are an admin user, you will see a unique invitation link at the top of the My Team page. Copy and send the invitation link to a colleague and they can use this to join your team.

3. Manage your Skreenbe Premium Account:
Select the Premium button on the left-hand dashboard to open the Premium menu. Only admins users can manage the billing area in Premium. 

4. Manage the roles of users in your team:
You can easily make or remove an admin user from your team.

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