Create a personalized experience for your business.
Branded Meetings
Personalized & structured meetings for any business
Your Company Home Page​
Set up your brand and home screen
Personalized Link
Your unique link, personalized.
Safe Meetings
Perform your meetings in a safe & protected environment


Design a structured, creative meeting and collaborate with your team, customer, client, or participant.
Prepare meeting templates for focused & structured meeting experiences
Account Management
Easily manage your account with just a few clicks
Team Management
Manage your team options easily & securely


Evaluate meeting and business output with the use of our productivity tools.
File Sharing
Add all the documents you need to share with your participants
Team Shared Files
Share folders and files with your team
All-In-One Interface
One place for everything: your online meeting, your notes, ratings and file display
If you simply want to talk in private or a group
Team Collaboration
Keep your team aligned with easy meeting integration
Type of Users
The host, your customers and your guest – how they differ


Easy-to-understand and accurate communication from each online / offline meeting.
Never miss anything in future in your online meeting
Notes & Comments
Instant note taking with the comment bar
A concise report from your online meeting