Tips for Virtual Hiring in 2022

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: May 18, 2022

Tips for Virtual Hiring in 2022

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: May 18, 2022


Recruitment via video conferencing software is one of the most cost-effective solutions that offer a satisfactory amount of human interaction. Unlike traditional hiring, it eliminates the administrative burden on your team and enables them to focus on more critical managerial tasks. Another benefit of virtual conferencing and hiring is the ability to record the session. Thus, virtual interviewing has made the overall process of screening and recruitment much easier. 

Here we have some practical tips that can boost the efficiency of your company’s virtual hiring process. 

Organize and update structured interview questions

Maintaining consistency in your screening questions allows you to avoid unintentional biases from your company’s hiring procedure. Thus, making appropriate amendments to the interview questions and examining your company’s evaluation process equips you to develop robust action plans. Moreover, investing in a high-quality video-conferencing tool will enable you to structure your virtual interview process more accurately.

Communicate your policies

Most qualified candidates look for transparency and consider diversity, equality, and inclusion critical when applying for or accepting job offers. Thus, you can consider disclosing your company’s DEI policies via your website’s career page, employer’s branding, job ads, and social media marketing. This way, you can encourage a diverse workforce by making your virtual recruitment process inclusive and transparent from the beginning.

Assemble a diverse virtual hiring team

Hiring a team that represents different races, genders, abilities, and cultures is one of the action-oriented ways to portray diversity, equality, and inclusion in your organization. Besides enticing preferred candidates to accept your company’s offer, it also allows them to feel confident in the fair opportunity that they’re given. 

Reduce time to hire by streamlining scheduling

To make the most out of your recruitment time, consider investing in high-end video meeting software that offers optimum candidate experience. One of the practical ways to ensure the smooth running of your virtual recruitment process is by streamlining scheduling. Additionally, you can also use your shared calendar to collaborate and coordinate with the members of your hiring team, further making quicker decisions. 

Boost employee retention by updating virtual onboarding

Always ensure that your team is not burnt out picking up the slack due to the gaps and inefficiencies in your new joiners’ training. Determine the essential skills prior to hiring and the knowledge that can be acquired by on-job virtual training. Then, examine virtual training programs to allow your team members to connect and empower each other.  

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