Skreenbe and the Digital HR Revolution

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: May 19, 2020

Skreenbe and the Digital HR Revolution

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: May 19, 2020


E-recruitment Tools to Optimize Hiring Processes

Here’s the thing:

as a hiring specialist, how often does it feel like the technology you use was truly built with your needs in mind?​

Built by recruiters for recruiters, Skreenbe is the effortlessly enjoyable remote interview workspace for SMEs and enterprises alike.

The idea was to develop an ultra-reliable, easy-to-navigate, attractive, multi-functional platform that helps you streamline the e-recruitment process. Skreenbe enables companies to cut down on screening time while maximizing the quality of hires. The candidate experience is also equally important. The user-friendly, visually-enticing nature of the platform makes for an entertaining, yet thoroughly meaningful interaction. Candidates are more relaxed, perform better, and walk away with a truly positive impression of your organization.

Let’s start with the core features

As you enter the navigation screen, all the tools you need are immediately accessible:

  • Quickly create and manage your virtual interviews
  • Invite candidates and colleagues
  • Upload interview questions or tap into Skreenbe’s question database

Skreenbe also offers additional features

to further boost your hiring process:

  • Real-time candidate skills tests
  • An extended database of interview questions
  • AI-driven analysis

Skreenbe is designed for high availability and performance, ensuring a stable connection and ‘blip-free’ interview from start to finish. It’s also completely paperless: no need to print out résumés or other documentation – the editing system is completely integrated.

Your existing interview questions can be quickly uploaded to your workspace, or you can choose from the extensive database of tried-and-tested questions.

Following the interview, recruiters can generate a comprehensive report that includes everything from test results to interview notes. Psychodiagnostic interpretations provide clear, easy-to-understand insight into each candidate’s personality, characteristics, and likely culture fit.

Oh yeah, it’s also super straightforward. There’s no training or integration required – just sign up and go! 

Skreenbe: No fluff, no psychobabble – just the innovative tools and support you need to better achieve quality hires.

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