., with its registered office at Ružová dolina 25, Bratislava – mestská časť Ružinov 821 09, ID No.: 53 660 277, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sja, Insert No.: 157/B
(the “Provider”)
and Your Company (the “Customer”)
(the Provider and the Customer jointly referred to as the “Parties” or individually as the “Party”)



1.1 SKREENBE is an internet application operated by the Provider and providing in particular interactive video calls for interviews with job applicants (hereinafter referred to as the “Application”).

1.2 The Parties hereby agree that, by this Agreement, the Provider shall provide access for the Customer to the Application and allow the Customer to use the Application in interviews with job applicants performed via video calls.

1.3 The Customer is authorized to use the Application for the above purpose for the duration of this Agreement.

1.4 The Provider keeps and stores personal data in the Application to the minimum extent. The Provider stores in the Application the necessary documents, such as relevant uploaded documents from the recruiter (e.g. a resume, job description, etc.). The Provider also stores the necessary personal data in the Application for the purpose of creating interview reports for the Customer. Conformity with the GDPR is elaborated on in the Terms and Conditions of the Provider, which are published on the Provider´s website


2.1 In the event of any problem with the Application experienced by the Customer, the Customer shall inform the Provider of the problem as soon as practicable at the following email address: The Provider shall fix the problem within 72 hours of receipt of the report the problem.

2.2 The Provider shall inform the Customer that the Application may and will be momentarily updated and hence unfunctional for short periods of time.

2.3 Maintenance, updates and upgrades will be completed outside of working hours (working hours meaning Monday – Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 CET), to ensure minimal disruption to the Customer´s work and usage of the Application.

2.4 The Provider shall notify the Customer in advance of any updates and maintenance work which will cause the system not to be functional for a period of time.

2.5 The Parties agree that the Provider is entitled to make changes to the Application. The Customer will be notified of any changes to the Application.

2.6 If the Application fails to work properly for at least 24 hours, except for the time required for updates and system maintenance which will be notified in advance, the Provider shall provide a discount to the Customer for the number of days on which the Application was not working. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties agree that the Provider will account for this time in the invoice for the month following the month in which the malfunction occurred.persons invited to job interv


3.1 All content on the SKREENBE website or the Application, such as text, design, art work, logos, button icons, images, sound clips, digital files for downloading, compilations of data, software, basic source code as well as all other aspects are the property of the Provider, and as such are protected by the applicable legislation on the protection of intellectual property.

3.2 No part of the website or Application including audio and audio-visual extracts may be reproduced, modified or transferred in any form or by any means, electronically, mechanically, by way of copying, recording or otherwise without prior approval of the Provider.


4.1 The Provider hereby grants a non-exclusive license to the Customer to use the Application for the purpose stated.

4.2 The Customer declares that they will not infringe any author´s rights resulting from the Application and shall be liable for any such infringement.


5.1 As this Agreement is a “White Label” Agreement, the Parties fully acknowledge that the Provider requires to be authorized to use the Customer´s protected branding, designs, logos, images and corporation information on their website and in the Application for the purposes of this Agreement. The Customer hereby authorizes the Provider to use the Customer´s protected branding, designs, logos, images and corporation information on their website and in the Application for the purposes of this Agreement, for the purpose of references on the Provider´s website and for any purpose, which will result from the need to tailor the Application to the Customer´s needs.


6.1 As the Provider is unable to control the use of the Application by the Customer, the Provider shall not be liable for any use of the Application by the Customer, nor for any damage which could be caused by the Customer´s use of the Application. The Customer acknowledges this and agrees that it is fully liable for using the Application in compliance with the respective legal regulations.

6.2 The Provider shall be liable for proper functioning of the Application in accordance with this Agreement.


7.1 This Agreement becomes valid and effective on the day of its signing by the Parties.

7.2 To any question of the Parties´ relationship unanswered in this Agreement, first the Terms and Conditions of the Provider published on the website will apply, and then the applicable law.

7.3 The Parties explicitly agreed that in case any of the provisions of this Agreement is or will become invalid or ineffective, such invalidity or ineffectiveness will in no way affect other its provisions. The Parties undertake that such invalid or ineffective provision will be replaced based on agreement of the Parties by valid provision with identical economic sense.


., the Service Provider has agreed to provide services to the Customer on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, while Customer is of the opinion that Service Provider has the proper and necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services to Customer.
Therefore in consideration of the matters described above, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, the Customer and the Service Provider agree as follows:

1. Scope of Service 

The Service Provider is to provide the Customer with the following services: Skreenbe: The branded Audio conferencing & Video Conferencing tool.

2. Scope of productivity tools

Collaborative Interviewing
Invite a colleague as a guest to the meeting. All notes, comments, and ratings are collected to make sure you get the right output, every time. 

Question Sets
Create or pick question sets focused on your meeting. Everything can be used again and again. The host can rate the subject and add comments. 

AI tool
Skreenbe’s AI software reads micro-mimic expressions during the call and detects 6 basic emotions. 

Get an easy-to-understand and accurate report, Skreenbe collects and displays all the information, including the added comments given by the host and your guest.

Document Viewer:
Simply upload documents, and away you go! While you’re conducting a meeting, all files will be visible on your screen for you to review and/or add notes. 

Highlights of the meeting:
Record your meeting notes in Skreenbe’s Highlight panel to be reviewed later. Digital notes/comments within the Highlights section. Able to add comments (Strengths, Weaknesses, Open Issues, Not Sure, Comments) during the meeting using the comments button

File sharing
The host is able to share documents both with customer /candidate and guest. Team members are able to share folders and files amongst them
Guest and host cooperating on the evaluation during the live interview. Real-time collaborative evaluation.

Live chat: Between the host and the guests,  Multiway chat with all participants.

3. Software type

Browser Application
Conferences can be launched within a browser without requiring a user to download an application to their desktop
Only the video / audio conference functionality

The services will include any other tasks which the Customer and the Service Provider may agree on.

4. Term of Agreement

This Agreement will begin on [Beginning Date] and will remain in full force and effect until the completion of the Services. This Agreement may be extended by mutual written agreement of the parties.

5. Termination

If either party seeks termination of this Agreement, the terminating party must provide 30 day notice.

6. Intended Use

Misuse: Customer agrees (on behalf of itself and of any Customer Representatives) to use the Services for lawful purposes only. Without limiting the foregoing, any unlawful use through direct or indirect affiliations (including use of the Application in high-risk environments) shall be deemed impermissible use of the Services (“Misuse”) and shall constitute a breach of this Agreement by the Customer. The Customer agrees to use reasonable efforts to cooperate with Skreenbe to resolve any Misuse.

Outreach Mechanism: In the event of any problem with the Application experienced by the Customer, the Customer shall inform the Provider of the problem as soon as practicable at the following email address: The Provider shall address the problem within 24 hours of receipt of the information concerning the problem.

Severability: The provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed severable, and the invalidity or unenforceability of any one or more of the provisions hereof shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions hereof. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable, then that provision will be severed; however, the remaining provisions shall still apply and shall be interpreted to as nearly as possible to achieve the original intent of this Agreement, inclusive of the severed provision.