10 Practical Tips to Conduct Productive Remote Meetings

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: February 17, 2022

10 Practical Tips to Conduct Productive Remote Meetings

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: February 17, 2022


Remote meetings are now ubiquitous, with most offices operating from home. But while some have readily accepted this shift in working patterns, others still struggle. The most challenging part is conducting productive remote meetings, as without the shared proximity of an office, it becomes difficult to engage people. It is then the presenter’s responsibility to make the discussion interesting and create an atmosphere that encourages active participation in a remote meeting.

Let us see some practical tips to conduct productive remote meetings.

Tip #1- Conduct Department-Specific Meetings: People are often more comfortable with their own department than the entire office. Conduct meetings department-specific to keep everyone engaged.

Tip #2- Include a Meeting Agenda in the Invite: Your participants should know what they are heading into. Include the meeting agenda in the invitation email to prepare them and help align the focus.

Tip #3- Take a Breather, Share Jokes: Humor can always help break the ice and put people at ease, whatever the situation. Keep everyone sharp by cracking some jokes and indulging in some out-of-work light conversations.

Tip #4- Keep Your Meeting Interactive: In the case of hybrid meetings where people often don’t know each other, most participants don’t actively take part in discussions. You can ask people direct and open questions to give them a push.

Tip #5- Keep Your Participants Interested: All participants, like you, have been working throughout the day and might feel exhausted. If you sense a lack of attention, change the topic to get everyone’s focus back.

Tip #6- Work on Your Presentation Skills: Virtual meetings can significantly affect your ability to communicate your message and that of others to perceive it. Include hand gestures and switch up your vocal tones to keep others engaged.

Tip #7- Prepare Your Entire Presentation: As the presenter, you must keep others engaged. One way to not bore them out is to prepare your meeting in advance. Make a schedule highlighting when you’ll speak, when someone else will talk, and other games and interactions.

Tip #8- Keep Distractions Away: You can ask your participants to keep their phones away, close unwanted tabs, and turn off all notifications that can distract them during the meeting.

Tip #9- Include Games: Ever heard the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Well, it’s not just Jack who gets tired of work. You can transform a boring work meeting into a fun-filled one by guessing games with a deadline.

Tip #10- Orchestrate Speaking Times: Every virtual meeting has a moment when people speak simultaneously, and none of them are apparent. If your panel has a large participant pool, you should control the speaking timings for everyone. Keep everyone muted unless you want them to speak.

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