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The Simple, Easy to use Video Interview Workspace

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Skreenbe is the complete personalized video job interview workspace that provides a unique branded experience, leading to more quality hires.

Simple to use, this digital interview environment is feature-rich, giving recruiters exactly what they need – a live 3-way collaborative interview, a productivity window, including customized question sets, on-screen résumé, digital note-taking, and a question database.

Organize résumés and job descriptions easily. Use the workspace to invite colleagues or managers to the digital interview to ensure oversight, when needed.

With in-interview AI facial expression analysis you can observe a candidate’s reaction to stress – through various triggered distractions.

Not only does Skreenbe eliminate clutter and daily guess-work, but it also reduces the hiring lifecycle. Now, recruiters can look forward to interviews – while making sure they are building a better future for the company with each hire.

Better Interviews. Better Hires!