7 Interview Questions to Ask Remote Workers

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: February 9, 2022

7 Interview Questions to Ask Remote Workers

Team Skreenbe
Posted on: February 9, 2022


Many offices and institutions presently are introducing remote working in their recruitment strategy. This shift in the working pattern was largely thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic that took hold in 2020. Still, even after its impact is lowered, many organizations are opting to function remotely due to the various advantages it provides. However, this pattern of operations requires the recruiter to have complete faith in their employees to carry out their daily tasks without the supervision an in-office atmosphere can provide. If you are an employer looking to recruit remote workers, you may want to know the questions to ask them during their interviews.

Here are some interview questions to ask remote workers.

Question #1- Have You Worked Remotely Before?

The first question you should be asking your potential candidate is about their experience working remotely and their reasons for it. Keep in mind that they could be taking up remote jobs just to work from home and not because the position actually aligns with their objective.

Question #2- Why Do You Want to Work or Continue Working Remotely?

If you are recruiting a fresher who doesn’t have any prior working experience, ask them why they want to work remotely. And if the candidate has previously worked remotely, ask them about the challenges they had to face and how they dealt with them.

Question #3- Can You Work With a Distributed Team? What Will be Your Communication Strategy? Do You Have Any Prior Experience?

When you work in an office, you can simply go up to someone’s desk and ask them for help. However, this isn’t the case when working remotely, where most people might be living in different time zones. For this reason it is important to establish that the candidate can communicate and drive projects effectively in this environment and has proven experience to that effect.

Question #4- What is the Most Challenging Project You Have Executed? How Do You Motivate Yourself Under Pressure?

There are times when the team is under pressure. A good member must know how to work in such times, and prior experience handling similar circumstances and keep their wits about them when the going gets tough is only more promising.

Question #5- What Will Be Your Schedule For the Working Days?

An important project can blur the lines between professional and personal life. Ask the candidate how they will schedule their workdays to support both effectively.

Question #6- How Are Your Tech Skills?

The candidate should be well-versed with the technologies you use in your daily operations. Furthermore, various software, internet, or hardware issues can arise while working remotely. The candidate should also know how to troubleshoot minor technical difficulties without tech support.

Question #7- How Do You Cope with Distractions at Home?

Distractions are present in everyday life, more so when working from home. An ideal candidate should know how to cope with them and complete their work on time. It is also preferable that they have a home office or a separate workstation.

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