Where to use Skreenbe?

Take any customer meeting in any business environment you chose, prepare your meetings with repeatable template scripts and questionnaires and keep a record of each meeting with a detailed report for a focused and much more structured online meeting experience.

# Customer Support

Provide a stellar personalized customer service.

Your business is unique and so are your customers so let people see how professional your company really is. Mix a perfect customer service touchpoint cocktail starting with our a branded online meeting platform and innovative productivity tools

Skreenbe offers you your own branded online meeting platform where you can take your customer service to the next level.

Having happy customers means having high quality customer service. Provide customer service with personalized care and human touch, with well-prepared meetings thanks to our productivity tools.

  • Create questionnaires and customer feedback scripts.
  • Engage with your customers online
  • Get a comprehensive and actionable report from the meeting.

What about greeting your customers with your own customized online meeting platform?
Delivering an exceptional customer service is important for any business. The better experience customers have with your brand, the more business you’ll receive. Explore how Skreenbe can enhance your customer experience and lead to increase in prosperity.

# Customer Experience

A customer experience to remember.

In an ever changing technological customer landscape, you need to up your game. Customer Experience is the holistic perception of the customer of everything connected to your brand, from offline touchpoints with your website to any online meeting they had with your representatives. A great customer experience is key to your success.

Skreenbe gives you the confidence and tools to roll out high-quality CX meetings to advance your business and create a personal impact on your customers. Improve your word of mouth marketing – give your customers a wow factor with each online meeting. Have a fully branded online meeting – tailored from the front and back.

Your customers are joining a professional branded online meeting platform from the outside, and you prepare your customer experience templates / scripts and questionnaires from the inside. A win-win!

CX is the result of every interaction a customer has with your business, from navigating the website to talking to customer service and receiving the product/service they bought from you.

Everything you do impacts your customers’ perception and their decision to keep coming back or not—so a great customer experience is your key to success.

# Finance Meetings

Customize your online meeting interface & make customers feel secure.

The world of finance has become more digital than ever before. The pandemic has made remote meetings an everyday part of the customer engagement strategy. Online meeting quality, security and customization have come to the forefront in financial sector.

Skreenbe is the answer to this transformation: it provides a platform that is easy to use, customizable and secure. Maintain the human touch, boost productivity, engage customers and build trust with Skreenbe in your finance meetings.

# Human Resources

It’s time to enhance your interviews and improve your hiring process!

Skreenbe offers you your own branded online interview platform where you can take your interviewing to the next level

Saving you time and money, it makes the interviews more engaging, and it allows you to conduct them in your way.

WOW your candidates who arrive for your online interview. Improve your organization by using tools to prepare, and review your interviews. Standardize your hiring processes for your whole team.

Get inspired by our productivity tools. Use the pre-defined soft skill topic sets. Share files with your candidate. Create your own tests and questionnaires. Upload documents, add notes to them and create a comprehensive final report from the whole process with just one click.

Invite your colleague or hiring manager for a truly collaborative experience and cut down on time spent on follow-up meetings.

With Skreenbe you will give your candidates an interview experience they will remember for a long time to come.

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# Marketing

The first impression counts – especially in marketing!

  • Get your own personalized video online meeting platform.
  • Easy-to-join videocalls, with no downloads or plugins needed.
  • The meeting is launched via a personalizable link that you send to your participant.

Add and style the structure of your marketing meeting with a built-in topic-led structure, proven on average to make meetings 25% faster. Great value at 29€ per user.

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