The Skreenbe Story

We’re busy bees and got frustrated with there being no solid digital interview platform specifically designed for recruiters. So, an idea was born and we came up with Skreenbe. 

Back at the beehive we put our plan together and set out to develop an ultra-reliable, easy-to-navigate, attractive, multi-functional platform that helps simplify the e-recruitment process. So, a specialized workspace was born, enabling companies to cut down on screening time while maximizing the quality of hires. It’s become quite the buzz!

But it wasn’t enough. To us, the candidate experience had to be just as important. Afterall, these bees are trying to join a new bee colony. So we built a user-friendly, visually-enticing platform that makes for an entertaining, yet thoroughly meaningful interaction. 

Were we Successful? Yes. Candidates feel more relaxed, can perform at a higher level, and walk away with a truly positive impression of your organizational hive.

To us bees, that spells out a win-win-win victory.