Amplifying The Recruiter and Candidate Experience

Amplifying The Candidate and Recruiter Experience

As hiring specialists...

it can sometimes feel that there’s just not enough time to think about how the whole hiring process is being perceived at the other end.

Despite the fact that candidates are the heart of the interviewing process, recruiters are under a lot of pressure to juggle a tremendous amount of balls. Often via numerous stakeholders and communication channels. Which means their experience isn’t always the #1 priority.

It starts with the bombardment of responses for each job (250+ in some cases!). Then there’s acknowledging every application, sifting through résumés, multiple rounds of interviews, skills assessments, and finally making a decision. Often to a tight deadline and with multiple voices chiming in along the way. 

Quite frankly, it can be exhausting.

You’re worried about the impression candidates are walking away with about your company. 

Not only that: you want this to be a fulfilling and meaningful experience for you, too.

So… what do recruiters want?

Yes, you! You’re the cog in this machine. What’s going to make your life easier?

  • A swifter interview-to-hire process to retain those high-quality candidates
  • Coordinate the entire interviewing process through a single platform
  • Gain a broader holistic overview of each candidate = better hiring decisions
  • The ability to invite and follow up with multiple internal stakeholders in one place
  • A super simple (and even enjoyable) technology experience

And what do candidates want?

Of course, every recruiter wants the candidate to have an awesome experience, too. Besides, it’s a candidate-driven market right now. We know it, and they know it. So… what do they expect?

  • Acknowledgement of their application (75% never hear back!)
  • Quicker turnaround from application to interview to hire
  • To be engaged and excited about the prospect of joining your company
  • Regular communication (70% lose interest after 1 week if they don’t hear back)
  • Clarity, ease, and confidentiality throughout the interviewing process

Recruitment has gone permanently mobile

Thanks to Gen Z and the recent global pandemic, virtual recruitment – especially for the earlier stages of the hiring process – has begun to replace the more drawn-out (AKA traditional) format of doing almost everything face-to-face.

That’s where Skreenbe offers its honeypot of magic.

When we looked around, we saw dozens of video conferencing options out there. But there were no platforms aimed specifically at hiring specialists and which focused on delivering an enhanced candidate experience.

That’s why we combined all these requirements into one heck of a savvy platform – Skreenbe.

  • Conduct 1:1 and panel virtual interviews through an ultra-reliable, non-glitchy platform
  • The virtual format means that interviews can take place faster and more conveniently
  • Multiple interviewers can be invited to join in for collaborative hiring
  • Upload your own questions, or select from the extensive database of general, personal, behavioral, curveball, or icebreaker options
  • Paperless: recruiters can upload résumés and make shareable on-screen notes
  • Candidates get a personalized experience with corporate branding to help influence their idea of the company
  • The attractive interface and high reliability are an ideal space for creating meaningful connection

A win-win experience for candidates and recruiters

By cutting out inefficiencies and placing equal emphasis on the recruiter and candidate experience, Skreenbe has designed a platform where everyone has a more enjoyable and personable interaction.

Not only that, e-recruitment is here to stay, and there’s no going back. Whether it’s for some or all of the process, the early bee catches the pollen. Companies that embrace virtual interviewing now are the ones that will attract, engage, and ultimately retain the best candidates.

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Article: © Skreenbe 2021


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