E-recruitment Tools to Optimize Hiring Processes

E-recruitment Tools to Optimize Hiring Processes

Virtual interviews are here to stay

Recent global events have tipped business communications and operations on their head, and it seems there’s no going back. Companies have been catapulted deeper into the digital space, on the whole for the better. While some are still finding their feet in this brand new world, others have cheerfully embraced the opportunity this presents to optimize and modernize existing processes.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the recruitment sphere.

Recruitment must adapt to thrive

Recruitment is all about people. It’s about connecting, learning more about each other and, ultimately, deciding if your organization and the candidate are an ideal fit. With face-to-face interviews suddenly taking a backseat to virtual formats, the challenge is to leverage all the advantages of digital tools while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of in-person interactions. 

Even if the pandemic had not happened, recruiters recognize that streamlined, consistent digital interviewing and screening experiences facilitate great hiring and, at the end of the day, the success of the business.

Popular e-interviewing tools to get the job done

Now that the age of digital recruitment is fully upon us, companies need smart tools that support each facet of the recruitment process, allowing them to maximize their hiring ROI while saving HR time and resources. Three increasingly-popular options that recruiters are taking advantage of to optimize the interviewing and screening process include:

Asynchronous interviews

New tools on the HR market, such as asynchronous interviews (AKA one-way interviews), speed up the screening process. These are often used for the initial screen, with candidates receiving interview questions in advance and then recording their answers for later viewing at the recruiter’s convenience.


Tests or simulations to assess job-related skills can be sent to the candidate before even meeting them. As with one-way interviews, applicants complete the assignment at their convenience. Sessions may have a time limit, or can be recorded to ensure no rule-bending takes place.


Some companies now use chatbots to carry out the initial screening process. For example, if you are hiring drivers who must be based in a certain area and require a clean driving license, your chatbot can easily go through these basic questions and eliminate anyone who does not fit the requirements.

As useful as these features are, there’s one important element missing from these: the human touch.

The importance of real-time human connection

The world would be a bleak place indeed if we went through the entire interview process without connecting at some point with a human being in real time. This is especially the case for unsuccessful candidates, who should be communicated with personally.

That’s where video interviewing comes in. Virtual interviews provide all the speed and convenience of the digital sphere while connecting people visually, and in real time. There are countless platforms out there where video meetings take place. But very few are specifically aimed at the very real needs of recruiters, or incorporate features that provide additional objective evidence to support the decision-making process.

That’s where Skreenbe steps in.

The advantages of Skreenbe

Skreenbe not only provides a high-quality video calling platform with all the features of standard video conferencing facilities,  it also incorporates a layout specifically designed for interviewing. Skreenbe enables recruiters to see the candidate, skim through the résumé and supporting documents, view interview questions, and take digital notes all on one user-friendly screen. 

Another advantage of Skreenbe is the integration of scientifically-developed, AI-powered tools designed to analyze facial expressions and the candidate’s general reaction to stress, as well as skills testing and personality assessments. 

By offering an attractive, professional, and thoroughly engaging experience for both recruiter and candidate, Skreenbe breaks through the humdrum and snail’s pace of the typical hiring lifecycle. 

This enhanced all-in-one approach elevates the interviewing bar, delivering an agile recruitment process that incorporates all the innovations of digital hiring while ensuring quality assessment and selection of candidates. 

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