Rapidly Evolving Digital Transformation of the HR Landscape

Rapidly Evolving Digital Transformation of the HR Landscape

The rapid metamorphosis of HR tools and technologies is jaw-dropping.

 Gone are the days when processes were dull and lengthy, everything had to be tracked on paper, and delayed communications between stakeholders were par for the course.  Bye-bye too are the space-wasting filing cabinets, weeks to sign-off on everything, and time-consuming methods for tracking and analyzing data.

Hello, digital world!

ATS, payroll systems, LMS, timesheet solutions, performance management software. You name it, it’s been digitalized. More often than not, it’s also able to be seamlessly integrated with other systems. Our HR forebearers would most certainly be envious.

As well as the technology, the global COVID-19 pandemic dramatically propelled many of our processes into the 21st century, too. Willingly or unwillingly. With social distancing and remote work becoming the norm, virtual interviews are often an essential part of the contemporary hiring process. 

It’s now clear that this is more than just a temporary work-around: virtual interviewing overwhelmingly increases the overall efficiency, speed, and objectivity of the screening process for HR and candidates alike.

Virtual interviews have proven that they are here to stay!

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